Real Estate

Buying a house is one of the largest financial decisions many of us will make. We know at Drone Corps that for prospective customers, Location, Location, Location is all-important.
Drones can offer a unique overview of any property and provide assurances for the client which then increases viewing figures.

Our smart drones can automatically track the subject or talent, always keeping them in shot, producing images of exceptional quality. Our pilots can fly into areas that would normally be inaccessible and produce 4 K HD footage in any format or FPS required.

Barely a production is made these days that does not include Drone imagery such has the impact of this medium been on the industry. Choosing Drone Corps, you can be assured of a reliable, professional service at an extremely reasonable price and one which produces the right result every time.

Location – The drone image will clearly demonstrate the position of the property within the street and immediate surrounding areas.

Location – Drones can complete a 360° view at height showing the surrounding area and further afield. Images can be worked on postproduction to demonstrate where shops, schools and other amenities are in relation to the property for sale. The drone package simply brings the image to life and provides the client with the perspective ground level images cannot.l

Alternatively, and counterintuitively, drones are being used more and more to film indoors.
Modern Drones have a vast array of sensors which include obstacle avoidance systems Drone technology removes concern from perceived risk to indoor flight and produces blockbuster film quality results at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Modern estate agents are embracing Drone technology and all that it offers and realising that increased viewings equals increased profit making the Drone deployment cost neutral.